Perry Township happenings

Dear Editor and Perry Township Residents:

I gather from the Sept. 12 Perry Township Board Meeting that our trustees are no longer interested in doing the routine snow plowing of our township roads. Upon Trustee Tom Creachbaum’s noting that the trustees had talked about this last year, the trustees agreed to place an ad to advertise for a part-time employee to snow plow. In case of a big snow storm, the trustees will go back to their schedules to help the part-time worker. Our part-time hire J. T. who maintains the cemeteries and does other various jobs does not have the CDL license to drive the snow plow truck. Trustee Dusty Smith informed that trustees do not need the CDL license to snow plow as, “you’re kinda forced into the job when you’re elected.”

Trustee Smith updated the status of the Zimmerman Road culvert project. He found out that the electric poles cannot be permanently moved, but can be temporarily removed and then set back into place after the township has the hillsides cut down. The project is on hold with the county until after the electric company removes the poles, which might take two years.

Trustee Creachbaum reported a large pothole on Bonner Road and our part-time hire J.T. was asked to see about filling it with cold mix. Our part-time hire C.F. has been asked to mow the roads another time. The county did Fishback Road berming.

Janet Anderson

Perry Township resident