An opportunity to showcase Ohio

This week, Columbus and the state of Ohio will host the 2017 National Speakers Conference, a three-day summit of Speakers from state legislatures across the country. As the current president of this organization, our state was given the distinct opportunity to showcase everything we have to offer to some of our nation’s leaders, all who come from different backgrounds and perspectives.

The National Speakers Conference is a subset of the State Legislative Leaders Foundation, a nonpartisan organization that provides mentoring, professional development, and more to leaders in all chambers of our state legislatures. This annual meeting allows the Speakers of the House in each state to connect and discuss policy issues that are affecting our citizens.

Ohio is certainly unique in its demographics and industries, but I’ve found through my conversations with other state leaders that our states are often facing the same issues. Whether it is the battle against the opioid crisis or efforts to improve job creation, we’re all experiencing similar obstacles that we can seek to overcome through legislation. The National Speakers Conference is an opportune time for us to come together and discuss what policies have worked and what strategies we can share with one another to improve our home states.

More so than the ability to communicate with our peers, this year’s meeting gives Ohio the chance to show the nation that our state is home to the best and brightest. Columbus is now the 14th largest city in America, and through the accommodation of this event, we can demonstrate our ability to grow and to be a nationwide leader in business, healthcare, and more. This will also give us a chance to spotlight our various cities and towns, such as Wilmington, that represent real Ohio communities and the people that make up this great state.

I’m truly looking forward to hosting this event, which will also be a boon to our local economy with the attendance of hundreds of participants. Not only will we be able to learn innovative ideas and share our success stories, but Ohio will become a spotlight to leaders from as far as the west coast to those close by. Ohio is the best place to be, and I’m proud to put our state on display during this year’s National Speakers Conference.

Cliff Rosenberger is the Ohio House Speaker.

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By Cliff Rosenberger

Guest Columnist