Giving Presence

By Trey Tompkins

I can not fathom, but am certain there is research, the statistic of people who give up on exercise compared to those who keep with it. Giving up on our efforts seems to be the only thing we are strengthening.

It is not in my wishes that you see cruelty in this statement, but rather, some great truth. This belief of mine echoes far beyond the exercise realm. At school, at work, and even at home our presence comes missing.

As adults we are trying to meet certain standards. We say that it will be enough ‘when I reach this number’ or ‘when I get to this point.’ Yet as we reach these markers the only resolve is to shoot for ‘more.’

One marker in particular is what drives the most. This would be attendance. There has often been a link between high attendance and good performance. Therefore we tell ourselves to the very least just to ‘be there’ and we cannot fail.

Although, attendance does not indicate presence. It is completely plausible to be in attendance while checking out absent. So the great truth you may see here is that our presence is the key to making an impact with effort.

Have you ever noticed how swiftly time moves when we’re caught up in a moment of happiness and being where we want to be? This is because you gave the moment presence. It does not happen nearly enough!

Most of my work as a personal trainer goes into helping an individual to stop beating themselves up. It’s draining us! During training sessions little remarks come out like ‘I should be better than this’ and ‘I am weak.’ It counteracts the Spirit of what we’re attempting to do.

Very seldom do we come into a workout trying to build this aspect of our being. Usually we tell ourselves we need to be physically stronger or mentally stronger. Never correlating the spirit it requires to be present.

There is no need to be punishing ourselves in this manner. It is counterintuitive to our nature; which constantly constructs. Building spirit and giving effort towards being uplifting also helps you to grow tolerance for giving presence. Which so happens to be a skillset of the mind and body known as adaptation.

Presence is the most challenging exercise of all. I encourage you to simply give it a shot. Be in the moment. Take a second to reflect on the meaning of what your presence is showing you. It will center your mind, allowing you to think clearly, and to act accordingly.

By Trey Tompkins

Trey Tompkins is a local resident who writes fitness columns for the Record-Herald.

Trey Tompkins is a local resident who writes fitness columns for the Record-Herald.