Perry Township happenings

Dear Editor and Perry County residents:

County Commissioners Dan Dean and Jack DeWeese explained the county’s EMS cost sharing proposal at our Perry Township Aug. 14 board meeting. After detailing the background of the county’s EMS development and funding, commissioner Dean stated that they believe it is in the best interest of our county to have one operating EMS service. Our trustees moved to join this cost-sharing arrangement for 2018 at the cost of $10 a resident ($10,410). Dean noted that this arrangement is a temporary fix and is for one year only. The county plans to hopefully establish a joint EMS district that, after 2018, would be funded by a property tax.

During July our trustees held two special meetings to work on and approve the renewal of our fire levy. The renewal levy will be on the November ballot and is for five years at 1.5 mills. At the regular July meeting, the trustees approved the purchase of three window air conditioners for the township building. Two units are for the hall as trustee Dusty Smith said that the floors becomes slippery and dangerous from humidity when functions, such as baby showers, are held in it. One unit is for the meeting room. Smith brought up his concern about the slippery floors last year along with the idea of charging slightly more rent for the hall to cover the costs of the air conditioners and extra electricity. However, the proposal was dropped at that time as the fiscal officer informed that the trustees were spending more from the general fund than they were taking in.

Trustee Smith informed that he has talked and talked about the culvert on Zimmerman Road. He said that the county engineer is “real upbeat” about it, but everybody else, “a lot of work.” The biggest obstacle at this time is the moving of two poles, one on Strahler’s bank and one on Kevin’s (Roberts). Smith said the poles will have to be moved by South Central Power and that it might take a year to do so. Then the township can have the sides of the two banks cut down. Kevin wants his bank down as he cannot mow it. The township would then have the needed dirt.

The trees on the property at Barrett/Bonner roads need trimming, as the trustees have had people complaining about them, including the school bus and EMS people and people with cars and equipment. It would be best if the property owners would just do the trimming. If not the township, in consultation with the county prosecutor, may hire someone to do it and send the bill to the property owners.

Janet Anderson

Perry Township resident