Dismantle the white supremacy agenda

Things have been weird lately. I’m blaming most of it on the solar eclipse. According to one random, unverified internet article, a portal opened a full 10 days before the eclipse this weekend, meaning that we have been feeling the electromagnetic energy of the eclipse in the days leading up to its pass-over.

Here’s a tip: If it’s on the internet, there’s no author by-line, and if you aren’t sure where it came from, it’s probably fake news or aliens. I’m going to say the portal article was a message from aliens.

But I think things were weird before the eclipse portal and things will continue to get weird.

My friend and neighbor was tragically struck by a car while riding her bike across town. I’ve been devastated with that news and I haven’t been able to put it into words. Then as things became increasingly curious, a plant came through the wall and is growing into my bedroom. It’s a vine and now I’m wondering if I’m living in a Goosebumps, Jumanji, or Twilight Zone trilogy.

To be honest the vine growing through the wall is like a metaphor for my own life. The vine had to grow through a brick wall. I sometimes put up walls around myself to block things out, especially men. Not that I hate men but if I could go just one day driving without men honking or yelling at me, I would be thankful and amazed at such a quick evolution in our species.

Unfortunately though, we live in a society where a lot of men think they can do whatever they want to whomever they want. I call this the “chimpanzee effect.” Chimpanzees scream at the ones they find attractive and they are often quite violent and forceful. Bonobo monkeys on the other hand, though far out-numbered by chimpanzees, are less violent and have awareness and control of their actions. Bonobos are in some ways more advanced than humans.

Thankfully humans are still evolving.

The best current example of evolution in the human species is the growing foundation of America’s next civil war as people move straight towards killing off white supremacy. There’s no moral or civil duty to protect racist whites who want to murder women, Black, Latina, Muslim, or other peoples. We can’t put up walls and pretend like white supremacy isn’t happening.

As we get further into this topic, white nationalists reported in a recent scientific study that they believe everyone who is not a white male is subhuman and less evolved than they are. Perhaps ironically the white racist men cannot see their own less-than-chimp-like behavior in the grand scheme of evolution, but rather they just scream and attack with prejudice.

The scientific study on racist whites provides preliminary peer-reviewed evidence that the racist and violent acts are not random, scattered uprisings. The murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville isn’t something to blame on the solar eclipse. It was a concentrated and knowing act of progressive genocide and white supremacists do not deny that they are pleased with the outcome in Charlottesville.

We have a moral and civil duty to resist and dismantle the agenda of white supremacy and to shift the paradigms we are currently molded into, even if that means through shadow interception and intervention.

Humans, by the way, are the only species that regularly partake in their own mass-killings. Monkeys will rarely murder one another. In 100 years there’s only one known bonobo murder. It’s not that they always get along, rather, but that when they have disagreements, they are quick to move towards solutions so that they don’t annihilate their species.

Some humans, evidently, have yet to figure out what the monkeys already know.

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By Ashley Bunton

Staff columnist

Reach Ashley by email at abunton@aimmediamidwest.com, or by calling her at (740) 313-0355 or by searching Twitter.com for @ashbunton