Serving the community for love, not profit

By Carolyn Moore - Guest Columnist

Who knew there were so many hospice organizations serving the Fayette County area? It is important to understand not only hospice care but the providers serving our local community.

Hospice of Fayette County is a local, nonprofit organization that never bills a patient or family for the care or supplies provided relating to their illness. Since 1987, Hospice of Fayette County has been providing exceptional quality of life care to neighbors and families within Fayette and the surrounding counties. The agency’s care allows you to live your final days to the fullest extent possible, with purpose, grace and support.

Hospice of Fayette County is locally planted at 222 North Oakland Avenue. The agency believes deeply in supporting their local communities; therefore, hires staff, donates, and purchases supplies locally. The support they receive back from local communities goes towards direct patient care costs. This support allows Hospice of Fayette County to provide end of life care to anyone needing hospice care, regardless if they have insurance or not. Local communities are what help drive Hospice of Fayette County each day, which is truly, neighbors helping neighbors.

Hospice care is generally paid for by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance plans, however, there may be potential out of pocket costs to the patient. Hospice of Fayette County’s patients are never faced with these costs, regardless of their insurance status. Our patients can live out their final days without worrying about any hospice related monetary stress that may be left on their families and loved ones.

Choosing hospice care does not mean you, your family or doctors are giving up. Hospice of Fayette County’s trained care team is here to help as you choose to shift your health care goals to focus on comfort and quality of life. Hospice of Fayette County understands that the final stages of life’s journey can be difficult; therefore, they provide patients and families with physical, mental and spiritual support.

It is important to remember choosing hospice care and a provider is your choice. Whatever stage you are at in the decision making process, Hospice of Fayette County is here to provide you with the answers you need. For 30 years we have provided quality end of life care to our local communities, for love, not profit.

For more information, contact Hospice of Fayette County at 740-335-0149 or visit

Carolyn Moore is Hospice of Fayette County’s marketing and fundraising coordinator.

By Carolyn Moore

Guest Columnist