Initiating your lifestyle

By Trey Tompkins - Guest Columnist

I grew up quite shy. As a child, the world can be intimidating and it can seem difficult to express your thoughts clearly. I can now see how that has become an advantage for me. I write better. I observe my surroundings with a silent awareness. I can see with my ears (Not visually speaking, of course). There are downfalls as well. One of those is initiation. We’re taught a lot of things growing up, but initiating is one of those “you show me first, and then I will follow” type of arrangements.

When speaking of initiation, I am speaking generally. We do it in all sorts of manners. It happens in conversations or social events and with our peers, partners and children. As far as exercise goes, I hear the words “It’s just so hard to get started, but once I’m doing it, I am fine.”

That is “initiation” my friends, and it has little to do with your motivation reserves. We think, and blame, our lazy and procrastinating nature on motivation, but that cannot be proven true on the basis that you are fine once you get started. You have the motivation, but lack the initiation skills to keep your efforts focused on a goal.

What’s killing this is our dominant “you show-me-first” mentality which has us waiting for the perfect representation from the outside world of what we desire. From this, we are like that child who fears their own voice among adults and strangers. We’ll wait too long to step up and express ourselves from an authentic place, and opt to see somebody else, somebody experienced, show us how to do something with proper etiquette rather than face humility.

Without fear, we must move in a new direction. We must move towards acts that encourage us to find our innate passions that give us a zest to live fully. That is not happening right now for a lot of us. We’re stuck in the waiting lines and the traffic jams of modern culture. What are ways that we can do today that will help us initiate that movement?

First is to be yourself. Be raw. Not like a movie. Which is scripted, and cut, and timed up into particular segments to manipulate a specific emotion. Real time doesn’t work like that. Who ever really knows when they are going to feel a certain way? Just be as you are with every detail that you are. Negative and Positive.

Second, be random. A lot of times we are invoked by fear because of a portrayed random act of terror. I think this is evident on what it can do to our understanding of the world around us. Fear can truly shelter us. So, imagine what random act of kindness does for the world. Perhaps we would be invoked by a more loving and compassionate world, and that could propel us towards health and happiness. It may not look like a big thing, but kindness is a HUGE thing! So it only ‘seems’ irrelevant to us.

With these tips you can loosen up. It becomes easier to be a person in life rather than an identity of a person to life. Everything you will choose to do will come naturally to you. Even exercise! You will absolutely relate easily with others around you and enjoy the action that life brings about.

By Trey Tompkins

Guest Columnist

Trey Tompkins is a local resident who writes fitness columns.

Trey Tompkins is a local resident who writes fitness columns.