Our View: Jennings appointment a wise decision

With the appointment of Steve Jennings as the newest council member following the resignation of Trent Dye, we commend the members of the Washington C.H. City Council for their wise decision.

Jennings, having served on city council from 2004-2015, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to a job that requires a thoughtful individual who has the best interests of the city in mind. His integrity is unassailable and it would be difficult to find someone on such short notice with his credentials.

As was reported in the Jan. 12 edition of the Record-Herald, Jennings served in the Air Force from 1967-71. He also served our community as a police officer for 24 years. Jennings was instrumental during his time on council in many of the positive developments within this city.

When asked why he chose to allow his name to be submitted when approached about the vacancy, Jennings said he “saw it as an opportunity to serve Washington Court House residents one more time.”

Now, Jennings will get that opportunity. Yes, he lost his bid for a fourth term at the November 2015 general election to some fresh faces. And yes, it’s certainly important to infuse governmental bodies with new blood from time to time. However in the wake of the allegations made against Dye – who received the most votes in the 2015 general election – falling back on a steady, reliable figure is a more than reasonable decision.

For many it may seem like the safe choice, but during times of uncertainty sometimes the safest choice is the appropriate one.