Kindness paid a visit to town

Mr. Editor:

Kindness paid a visit to our town! On Sunday I was taken to dinner by my son and his wife. While waiting to be seated I was talking to a couple and their little girl, and casually commented that it was my birthday that we were celebrating.

When we were seated it just so happened we were across from them. When they finished eating, we said goodbye. The waitress at the Willow came by our table to clear it and she said that we could leave whenever we were ready because that couple had paid for all our meals and said to tell me Happy Birthday!

It was the most kind thing that had ever happened to me and I will never forget them! I will make it a point to do the same thing very soon because I know just how very much it lifts your spirit!

Hopefully I will see them again and be able to thank them personally for just how very special they made me feel by their kindness.

Thank you,

Sally Begin

Washington C.H. resident