Perry Township happenings

Tom Creachbaum was unanimously elected 2017 chairperson when the Perry Township Trustees had their regular monthly board meeting on Monday, Jan. 9. Dick Wilson was unanimously voted vice-chairperson for 2017.

The division of roads and cemeteries among the three trustees will remain the same. Trustee Dusty Smith wondered if something happens (i.e., Affordable Care Act regulations) if the township officers will get back their medical cost reimbursement plan. Smith questioned if the reimbursements would be retroactive, since the trustees never cancelled the plan. Fiscal officer Hap Smith replied that he doubted such would happen, but if so the question of retro-activity could be addressed at that time.

Chief Bradley George of the Paint Valley Fire District stopped by the meeting to answer any questions the board might have as the township’s fire contracts expire at the end of 2017 and he thought that the trustees would be putting on a fire levy this year. Chief George felt that things would remain pretty much the same. He noted that the fire district did not have many runs in its section of Perry Township, having about 13 calls in 2015.

On Bonner Road the county put up the hidden drive and speed limits signs, which had been demolished last winter. The resident who requested this should now be happy. When the trustees run the roads with the county engineer, they will ask his opinion about the culvert on Barrett Road that a farmer requested be widened.

Janet Anderson

Perry Township resident