Getting Ahead: Wanting to do better

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Columnist

My Grandpa Pfeifer started singing gospel music in 1935 and my dad was a preacher so I was raised in church.

In my early years, I can remember being in church at least three times a week. I was a child in the 50s and our area churches operated differently than they do now. The small children were expected to sit with their parents and behave themselves while the service was going on, which worked for some but not for all.

I was one of those who had to be watched so dad would many times sit me on the front seat where he could see every move I made. If I got a little too active during his message, dad would lower his hand beside the podium and snap his fingers. When that happened there would be a knot form in my belly because I knew there was going to be a price to pay.

The rest of the service I would sit there not wanting it to end because of what was going to happen when it was over. I can remember that feeling of agony to this day.

With all of that you would think that I would learn my lesson but almost every week dad would have to call me down for acting up in church again. I knew what was going to happen, yet I acted up in spite of the fact that I would have to suffer for my bad behavior.

There have been times in my adult life that I would do what I knew not to do and would have to suffer the consequences for my actions. But worse than doing what we know not to do, is doing it again and again. Does the suffering for our bad choices just wear off and we totally forget about the price we have to pay for them? Are we not capable of learning what not to do? Is there something beyond our control that drives us to do the wrong thing?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Columnist