Getting Ahead: The sure thing

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Columnist

I saw a television commercial recently that was using the old saying: “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”

I heard that time and again growing up. When I first heard it, I thought that it had a literal connotation and I would imagine catching a bird and holding it in my hand. Later I realized that the truth in that old saying was deeper than catching a bird and it had to do with the risk of obtaining something that you did not already have.

There were, however, some contradictions to this saying in other things that I was being told.

For instance: In school I was taught that we needed to set goals and strive to do new things that would contribute to our society. The people we studied as our role models were the great men of vision that wrote our constitution, past presidents, successful military leaders, and great inventors in our past, all who defied the odds of a sure thing. Even our president at that time, John Kennedy, was inspiring us to put people on the moon. That sure wasn’t a bird in the hand!

Could it be that the motive behind our actions is the real determining factor of our successes and failures? Are the truly significant accomplishments in our life, things that are beyond the sure thing? Do those things benefit others as much as they do us?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Columnist