Getting Ahead: Thinking Beyond

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Columnist

We traveled nation-wide two or three days a week singing gospel music. Because of our local obligations, we sold our motor coach and purchased an airplane that could get us there in about 25 percent of the time that it took in our coach.

I’ve used this analogy before: Every week I file a flight plan for each leg of our trip which requires me to name an airport as our destination. The internet now has websites that can be used to accomplish this task. I type in the name of the city where we have been scheduled and it will give me a list of airports in the area.

When I first started using the program I would choose the airport which showed the closest mileage to the city. At times we would have to drive 40 minutes or more to get to the venue that we were to perform in. Later I realized that the airport which showed the least miles to the city was not necessarily the best one for us to use. I learned that the mileage from the city to the airport was a given in a straight line and was not the total highway miles that it took to get to our destination.

An airport close to the interstate was a much better choice even if it showed 10 or 15 miles further away. Another factor, that I found I needed to consider, was which side of town we were to perform on. If the closest airport listed was on the opposite side of town, it could in reality, be further away.

When we were traveling in the motor coach the closest mileage given was indeed the closest. I did not have to allow for straight line mileage or which side of town the venue was on to get the accurate time and distance.

Some things take deeper investigation than others.

Are you the type of person that will make all your decisions on the amount of monthly payment you will obligate yourself to make? Is it possible that what appears to work into our monthly budget may be like straight line mileage or the other side of town and will turn out to be a great deal more than expected? Is there a way to be able to control our life in a way that we know the real mileage of our decisions before we start a journey?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Columnist