Opportunity: Don’t let it slip by

Opportunity can be viewed as chance, occasion, advantage, opening or a possibility. It can be a reward for a job well done or a gift that you did not earn or deserve. Sometime opportunities are difficult to recognize. That is why they call them, “missed opportunities.”

In one of the old Greek cities there long ago stood a statue. Every trace is vanished now. But there is in existence an epigram which gives an excellent description of it. As we read the words we discover what those wise old Greeks meant that it should teach every passer-by. The epigram is in the form of a conversation between a traveler and the statue.

“What is thy name, O statue?”

“I’m called Opportunity.”

“Who made thee?”


“Why art thou on thy toes?”

“To show how quickly I pass by”

“But why is thy hair so long on thy forehead?”

“That, men may seize me when they meet me.”

“Why, then, is thy head so bald behind?”

“To show, that when I once pass by, I cannot be caught.”

Lost opportunities create regrets and regrets are hard to live with. “What might have been,” are words that we all use to express our lack of vision and faith when opportunity knocks at our door. In the above conversation, Opportunity said; “To show when I pass by, I cannot be caught.” For some people, churches, organizations and even nations, missed opportunities never returned.

However, the Bible paints a more optimistic picture for us all. God; is the God of the “Second Chance.” His great love for the human race opens doors of opportunity again and again. Opportunities for a new spiritual beginning; Opportunities to mend broken relationships; Opportunities to regain financial losses; Opportunities to grow in child-like faith, and Opportunities to give hope, in some tangible way, to someone who has lost hope for a better future.

God, is good…all the time. He wants you and I to win in the struggle of life by walking with us through our next doorway of opportunity. “With God all things are possible.”