‘Spiritual warfare demands our attention’

By Candy Pfeifer - Religion Writer

Our culture needs for the church of Jesus Christ to raise up with maturity, love, and insight like never before.

In order for this to happen we need instruction and major training from the Word of God. We need to know what it says, put ourselves in environments that worship and teach the word, hear what the Spirit is saying, stay focused, and do our best to keep distractions at bay.

Paul told Timothy “No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life.” 2 Timothy 2:4

Spiritual warfare demands our full attention.

We will study what training for battle looks like at our Logos meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 4 at 240 Courthouse Parkway in Washington C.H.

I hope to see you there. Our families, friends, coworkers, and culture needs for us to be equipped.

As always at 6 p.m., we will have a free meal, cookies, and coffee, and our worship service at 7.

Child care is provided. For more information, call 740-335-9641.


By Candy Pfeifer

Religion Writer