Why the world is the way it is

By Dan McLean - Court House Nazarene Pastor

The big picture of the world is that God created an entire universe of unimaginable size and exquisitely fine design requiring almost 14 billion years in order to prepare a place for humanity. He is striving to make a people who understand him, who can comprehend his love, who are willing to accept his love and his ways and thus live with him forever.

This world is simply a testing ground for whether each of us is that kind of person. These people must have free will in order to truly love God, but given free will they also have the freedom to choose evil. God has the ability to overwhelming prove his power and existence, but that would negate the very free will choices he is providing. God must walk a tight rope. He must provide enough evidence of himself and of his ways that any and every person can see and choose and be justly held accountable for that choice, but not so much evidence that they cannot resist it and only give outward signs of their submission. This tightrope is walked in every one of our lives. It is walked in the revelation of his Son. The most clear evidence we have is the glorious revelation we hold in our hands — the Bible.

On Sunday, Nov. 7, there will be an extensive display of historical Bibles and antiquities at Court House Nazarene church. You are welcome to experience viewing up close the magnificent Bibles of the past and to understand the rich heritage of the Bible that has been given to us. The speaker will describe the torturous path required for us to have the Bible in our own language and in our hands. The speaker will describe the history of the Bible and the sufferings people endured that we might have it in our own language.

We will weave into the presentation times of gratitude and thanksgiving for those who have sacrificed that we might have the very words of God. The service will be held in our fellowship hall in order to accommodate the large display of items and will begin at 10:30 a.m. ET (note this is time change Sunday so don’t come too early). The address is 990 State Route 41 SW and is located two blocks north of SVG Auto. Also check out Facebook page @courthousenaz.

By Dan McLean

Court House Nazarene Pastor