When I don’t know what to do

By Candy Pfeifer - Religion Writer

There have been so many times in my life when I don’t have any idea how to handle a situation or what to do. For me, it’s either relational issues, job related, finances, or health. It’s in those moments when I realize how helpless I am and that I really don’t have control of anything.

Life is full of circumstances, seasons, and moments when we just don’t know what to do or what to say, and that can be pretty scary. Sometimes it’s even hard to pray or read our Bibles. If you, your family members, or friends are in a hard place in life that has left you confused, discouraged, and afraid, join us for our Logos meeting on Tuesday, March 2 and we will talk about what we need to do.

As always at 6 p.m. we will have free soup, sandwiches, cookies, and coffee, and our worship service at 7. The meetings are held at 240 Courthouse Parkway in Washington C.H.

Please bring every family member or friend that you feel like needs some direction and encouragement. Child care is provided.

For more information, call 740-335-9641.


By Candy Pfeifer

Religion Writer