Getting Ahead: ‘Tapped out’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Writer

I can remember sitting most of the day in a gymnasium to watch my kids’ and grandkids’ wrestling matches. The match would be over in just a few minutes and then we might sit for an hour or so to see them in another match. The wait was always worth it because it was so exciting to see the amount of determination those kids would demonstrate. They gave it all they had.

Sometimes the result would be the referee counting them out and other times they would pin their opponent and win the match. The one being pinned could stop the match by “tapping out.” It was a safety measure that could be used in the case of extreme pain and the possibility of injury. This measure was used as a last resort when a wrestler thought he was rendered helpless.

People will also use the phrase “tapped out” when they have given all the money they think they have to give. Parents use this phrase when the kids just keep asking for more. Some may use this phrase when people are asking for donations to a cause. Whatever the occasion, “tapped out” is game over; there’s no more; resources are depleted.

There are many people that just feel “tapped out” with today’s pressures and fears. We have forces that are trying to pin us down, control us through fear, and ruin our lives. These forces are from within and from without. We need to find some answers that are the absolute truth! There must be a source that can lead us into a better way of living. Where can we find such a source?

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John Pfeifer

By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Writer