Getting Ahead: ‘Is hearing believing?’

By John Pfeifer - Religion Writer

It has been proven that someone can be told something over and over and over again and eventually they will believe it. That process has been called different things; indoctrination, propaganda, and brain washing to name a few. It doesn’t make any difference if what they are repeatedly being told is true or not.

Believing, in this instance, isn’t about the truth, it’s about the repetitive process of telling someone something until they believe it to be truth. The person being told can then be passionate about the thing with which they have been indoctrinated. Their passionate believing does not, however, change the fact that what they are believing is not necessarily true.

It has been said that seeing is believing. But there again it is possible to look at something and never truly see it. Just because something is wrapped up in an attractive package, doesn’t mean that it is attractive. There are many things once unwrapped that are not what we thought they would be.

If we can be made to believe something just by being told the same thing repeatedly, and we can be fooled by what we see because of its attractive wrapping, how can we really know the truth? After all the bible says: “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!” We know the bible is the very source of truth so there has to be a way that we can know the truth and experience freedom.

Is it possible that we as humans have a predisposition to hear what we want to hear? Do we have a bent toward our opinion whether it is right or wrong? Could it be that we are hearing and seeing exactly what we want to see and hear? Is truth subjective or absolute?

We are living in a time when truth must be revealed!

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John Pfeifer


By John Pfeifer

Religion Writer