The Trumpet Sounds: ‘Breakthrough’

By Barry Pettit - Religion Writer

Have you ever had your automobile breakdown? If you have ever broken down you know the frustration that comes with the entire event. Sometimes in life we have a breakdown. It seems like so far 2020 has been one big breakdown. The gospels are filled with people who had breakdowns. Some breakdowns happened because of events you cannot control and some breakdowns happen due to our own personal choices. We learn in the gospels that Jesus had spent three years with His disciples. They walked with him and talked with him daily. That was until he was arrested and sentenced to death on the cross. As he hung upon the cross all of the disciples had fled except for John. It seems John was always there.

Even though all the disciples had fled at the scene of the cross there were two disciples that broke a little further from the group. Judas had betrayed Jesus, and out of guilt he decided to hang himself. Peter was later approached in the night by a fire and was accused of being a follower of Jesus and he denied Jesus three times. Peter in that moment had a spiritual breakdown. Jesus had warned him that it would happen and now Peter had to live with that guilt, and guilt can be awful. Have you ever had a breakdown in life? Breakdowns can come in many forms. There are relational breakdowns, financial breakdowns, emotional breakdowns, mental breakdowns, family breakdowns, and spiritual breakdowns. I guarantee you that sometime in this life you will have a breakdown but when you do I want you to know that God has a breakthrough for you.

In John 21 we see that Peter sees Jesus on the shore and he jumps out of the boat to get to Jesus. Peter had denied Jesus and now he stands before Jesus dripping wet in all of his guilt, shame, brokenness, dysfunction, and discouragement. Have you ever had an awkward interaction with someone and then run into them shortly thereafter? What do you say? Who starts the conversation? Think of the child who slammed the door on his or her parents and yet later that day has to eat at the dinner table. Or the employer who had to reprimand an employee, and then they run into each other at the grocery store. Or the spouse who just blew up at their partner and yet has to interact because they live in the same house. Peter finds himself in a similar situation as he encounters Jesus after his betrayal. Who would start the conversation? What would Jesus say? What would Peter say?

So how does Jesus respond? Peter knows he had a breakdown but Jesus knows he needs a breakthrough. In verse 10 Jesus instructs the disciples to get the fish they just caught. In verse 12, Jesus asks the men to join him in eating the breakfast he has already prepared for them. The Bible doesn’t record if there was conversation or if there was just an awkward silence, but one thing we do know is that Jesus serves them in verse 13. Jesus serves “THEM” which means even though Peter denied Him Jesus fed Peter as well! This is what we call God’s amazing “GRACE.” Jesus gave Peter grace and recovery; redemption and reconciliation; a second chance; a rescue from himself, from his discouragement, and from his failure. Jesus didn’t just say to forgive 70×7 he did it! Jesus didn’t just say to forgive your enemies He did it. Jesus didn’t just preach forgiveness He gave forgiveness, and for Peter that was the breakthrough that he needed from his guilt and shame.

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In Christ,

Barry Pettit

Lead Pastor

South Side Church of Christ

By Barry Pettit

Religion Writer