Getting Ahead: An Overflowing Supply

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Columnist

I grew up on a farm and our water was supplied by a cistern. This cistern was filled as rain water ran from our roof into a large tile filled with gravel. The cistern was comprised of two chambers with a wall of concrete block separating them. The water ran down through the tile filled with gravel into the first chamber and then soaked through the block wall to the second chamber where it was pumped into our house. The water was soft and good to drink, however, unless we had a lot of rain, there wasn’t enough of it.

The most common way to conserve the water was by limiting our bath water so we were cleaned up many times in the sink instead of the tub. A shower head in the bath tub or an outside faucet for watering flowers would have been unheard of because there wasn’t enough water to use in such a wasteful way. Then our lives changed!

John Church, a Methodist preacher from North Carolina, came to stay with us and he and Dad decided to put a well in our back yard. John had the ability to use a peach branch to find a water vein. Grandpa came in with his bull dozer and dug where John told him to and sure enough, after dynamiting into a rock layer, the water started to flow. Dad laid up walls, put a pipe from our pump to the well, poured a concrete lid on it, and we never ran out of water again

Mom could use all of the water she wanted to wash clothes and give all five children a bath in separate bath water every night. Oh, how our life changed because of that supply of good water!

Does it ever seem that your life provision is coming from a cistern and there has not been any rain for a long time? Is there a way to get our provision from another source that produces an overflowing supply?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Columnist