Consumed with the task at hand

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Writer

I am the type of person that can be consumed by a task at hand. When we were building our new church building, I was having trouble sleeping enough at night. I would go to bed tired and fall right to sleep. Many nights I would then wake up four or five hours later thinking of what I would be doing that day. I was consumed by the task at hand. It would be much to early to go to work, so I would lay there trying to get back to sleep. Unable to turn off my mind I would give in, get up, and make a pot of coffee. If I would not have needed help on the job, I think I would have put on my work clothes and gone to work at 3 a.m. Instead I just sat and drank coffee until the sun came up. I knew this had to stop because I was getting mentally and physically tired.

One Sunday at church one of our Elder’s wives told me that she felt that the Lord had told her to tell me to get out of the dirt and into the Word. She said she didn’t know what that meant but she would pass it on. At first I thought that to get out of the dirt was to quit working on the church building. I knew that was not possible in that we had decided to build our church building using volunteers to do as much work as possible. It took about three weeks and then it came to me. I needed to get out of the dirt and into the Word in my mind. After I realized that truth, I would wake up and start to quote scripture and I would then fall back to sleep. What an amazing thing! I was no more consumed with the task at hand.

We are in uncharted water as we are trying to stop the spreading of this virus. If our mind is consumed with it there can arise points of contention. A house divided will fall. We must all bind together and pray that this plague will be stopped.

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Writer