‘God calls us to be givers, not takers’

By Dan McLean - Religion Writer

Exodus 20:13 —15 (NET)

13 “You shall not murder.

14 “You shall not commit adultery.

15 “You shall not steal.

All of these speaking to taking by your own decision that which is not yours to take. It is to make yourself god. God calls us to be givers not takers.

Murder is to make a decision to end another human life on our own. God’s command is that we cannot take the decision about a human life into our own hands and carry out judgement. It gives no excuse for good motivations. He simply says it is not your choice. This term for murder also includes neglect and carelessness that lead to death. It commands that our focus must be on caring for other’s life and safety, above any of our own desires for comfort or pleasure. Why does God command this? Because his love demands that we treat others justly and with love.

Adultery is to allow into your heart or mind anything that breaks total union to your spouse. This includes any image or book or thought that effects your physical or emotional response to other than toward your spouse. Why does God command this? Because his plan for marriage between a man and woman is the foundation of human society and of families. Even the smallest thing that undermines that relationship spells destruction for society.

To Steal is to control that which you have not paid the price to control. It includes taking anything of value for example things, persons, time, or reputation. It includes taking by force or deception or finding. It includes an unfair price. Why does God command this? Because his plan is that we be productive and that what we produce be used for good. This important topic will be addressed more carefully and fully this Sunday.

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By Dan McLean

Religion Writer