Getting Ahead: ‘Finishing’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Writer

Recently I was watching the news and in the sports segment they were showing a runner that pulled a muscle in his leg on the final turn to the finish line. He kept giving it all that he had; hopping on one leg to the finish line where he collapsed in pain.

As I watched the footage of that runner going through tremendous pain, I could not help but wonder why he kept going after the injury he had suffered. All of the runners that were anywhere near him passed him up and crossed the finish line ahead of him. He obviously did not win a trophy for finishing so far back in the field of runners.

As I reflect on his effort; I realize there had to be a great motivator for him to experience the extreme pain it took to finish the race. He had to have a desire in him that was stronger than the suffering. I have also watched as marathon runners collapse at the finishing line even though they are not among the winners.

If you are not going to be among the winners, why keep going and suffering such pain? It seems perfectly sensible to stop where you are after all of those ahead of you have crossed the finish line. You are not going to win a trophy so why not just give in and conserve what little energy you have left?

What could be the motivation driving these runners to push themselves to their physical limit rather than giving in; even though they are not going to win a trophy? Is there something that they are winning that is greater than a trophy or their position in the race? How are they able to endure whatever it takes to cross the FINISH line?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Writer