March Logos meeting set for this Tuesday

By Candy Pfeifer - Religion Writer

The promises of God are to be believed. Hebrews teaches that Abraham’s believing was accounted to him as righteousness. Christ is our righteousness as we believe. The blessings of God are realized as we believe. Our everyday life and relationships are changed as we believe who we are in Christ. Our believing just changes everything. I am so hungry to see what God will do in all of our lives if we “only believe!”

I want to challenge all who are planning to attend our Logos meeting Tuesday, March 3 to believe that God is going to manifest His presence in a way that we have never experienced! Lets pray, be open minded, and be ready. Invite friends, family members, or people you work with that need something more in life.

As always, homemade soup, sandwiches, cookies, and coffee at 6 p.m. Worship service at 7 p.m. The meeting is held at 240 Courthouse Parkway in Washington C.H. Child care is provided.

For more information, call 740-335-9641.

By Candy Pfeifer

Religion Writer