Getting Ahead: ‘When it seems to never end’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Writer

This morning I was talking to a dear friend whose husband has had a long stay in the hospital. It seems that every time he shows improvement, something else comes up.

After weeks of being encouraged only to be disappointed, my friend is getting worn out. It is very difficult to have reason to expect something good and then it seems to turn bad.

But did you know that is not the way it happens most often? It has been proven that 80 percent of the bad things we expect to happen never do. I like to watch basketball and there are many times that a team makes what they have called “a run.” When a team makes a run they will outscore their opponent in a flurry of offense.

I have seen a team make a run and outscore the other team by 15 points or greater. Every time that team making a run scores, it looks as if they will put the game beyond the reach of the other team. That, however, is not usually the case. After a team makes a run, they can go cold and the other team evens the score. It happens so often that you can expect it. Until the final buzzer the game can go either way and both teams have a chance to win. The team that wants to win the most, and will not give up, usually is the victor.

Could it be that if we do not lose hope, most things will turn out for the best? When life seems to be making “a run” against us can we expect to even the score if we do not give up? What happens when we believe the worst?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Writer