Getting Ahead: ‘Why remember?’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Writer

There were many lessons I have learned in life that I remember today. One of the earliest lessons I remember had to do with the consequences I would suffer if I didn’t do what my parents told me to do.

At the time I did not understand why I couldn’t do certain things but now I see my parents were right. Those lessons were easy compared to the ones that I had to learn from my own personal experience.

Once I was trying to use a hatchet to cut down a tree. I did not grip it tight enough and it twisted in my hand so that I missed the tree and the hatchet buried in my knee. I experienced another hard lesson when I threw a bale of hay out of the barn and didn’t get my hands out of the twine. I fell from the top of the barn across a stall while still attached to the bale of hay.

These and many more lessons I will remember my entire life because I was hurt badly by them. There are other things that I had to experience time and again before I remembered the suffering that they caused. As I think back on those experiences, I can see that I was not thinking right.

In my right mind, I do not want to suffer from doing the same wrong thing over and over. Just as my parents told me, I have told my children, but they have had to experience many things for themselves before they remembered. Now my grandchildren are learning many things from their personal experiences. They can, however, have an advantage in life by remembering the lessons that are passed down to them through the generations before them.

Why do we not pay attention to foundational truth? How can we forget that a round wheel works? Can we see the disadvantage we experience by not remembering the lessons of the past? In your wildest imagination, could you imagine anyone who would not pay attention to the lessons that have been learned by those who have come before us? How important is it to remember the lessons of the present and of the past?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Writer