Getting Ahead: ‘When support has ended’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Writer

When I sat down in front of my computer this morning, a message came up that my operating system was outdated and the support for the system was cancelled.

It had a website where I could go and determine if my computer was big enough to install the new operating system that they were offering. When I went to the site, I was informed that I would need to purchase the new system at a computer store.

I’m still not sure if my computer has the capacity to run the new operating system. I am suspicious that it is not because on the site there was information on the affordability of a new computer. I understand that things are getting better in the cyber world, but I was totally satisfied with the operating system that I was using.

I have installed the programs that I need and I know how to use them. I am not the type of person that bulks at progress. I see so many things that are better today than they were just a short time ago but if something is not broke, don’t try to fix it. Change is never an easy thing. Change just for the sake of change is counterproductive. Change for the better is a good thing and we need to work at staying relevant. It isn’t easy to relearn something but it is worth the effort if it makes things better.

My questions: Is this change of operating systems, and possibly the purchase of a new computer, really necessary? Who does this benefit? Will everything be better if I change? What if I decide to just stay where I am and continue with my operating system that has no support? Can support be so important that I must make the effort to change everything?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Writer