Getting Ahead: ‘Vision Killer’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Writer

There is always a Debbie Downer around when we get excited about something. Recently someone told me of something exciting that had happened to them and that now their whole life was going to be an exciting journey defined by that excitement.

My first instinct was to tell them that although it was a good thing, it would not define their entire future and that their worries were over. WOW; now who is the Debbie Downer? Why would I even think of bursting the bubble of excitement and expectation that that person was experiencing?

I sure am glad that I thought for an instant before I blurted out something that would have been very discouraging. It seems that it is human nature to be a vision killer and that is precisely the wrong thing to do. If there is no vision, people perish. Without vision and expectation whole nations will decline.

How many times have we had an exciting vision and squashed it by our own negative thoughts? Even something that has never worked might work if we would give it another try. Many times those things are a matter of timing.

Do you have a vision of something exciting in your future? What does it take to try something again that you once were excited about? Are you sitting back with an excuse for not striving to achieve a better life for you and yours? Are you leaving all of the exciting visions to the younger ones?

Is it possible that an exciting vision has a greater chance of becoming a reality if we apply our years of life lessons to the process?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Writer