New Holland UMW hold Christmas celebration

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The New Holland United Methodist Women held their annual Christmas celebration Wednesday evening, Dec. 11 at the church.

Rev. Brian Dunham gave the prayer prior to the delicious dinner. Evening devotions, “Joy To The World,” were presented by Kay Oughterson.

Oughterson presented an outstanding program, “A Basket of Christmas Blessings”: First – Blessing of Community & Blessing of Christmas; second – Blessing of Giving; third – Blessing of Light; fourth – Blessing of Hope; fifth – Blessing of Music; sixth – Blessing of Simplicity; seventh – Blessing of Family; eighth – Blessing of Taste; ninth – Blessing of Touch; 10th – Blessing of Sight; 11th Blessing of Sight, Blessing of Smell, Blessing of Silence.

The program closed with prayer. Each one was presented with a beautiful basket.

The short business was conducted by Ann Thompson, president. The 2020 officers were installed by Rev. Brian Dunham. They are: president, Ann Thompson; vice president, Kay Oughterson; secretary, Betsy McFadden; treasurer, Pat Taylor; spiritual growth, Janet Kirkpatrick; education/interpretation, Jill Shipley; membership nurture & outreach, Jodi Kirkpatrick; program resources, Shirley Tarbill; nominations communications, Jodi Kirkpatrick and Nancy Davis; communications coordinator, Ann Thompson; social action, Samantha Dunham; historian, Shelli Seymour; and sunshine, Pat Taylor.

There are no meetings in January and February. People are needed for devotions, programs and refreshments for the 2020 meetings. Contact Ann Thompson if you would like to volunteer.

A special thank you was given to the evening committee members, Betsy McFadden for the beautiful table decorations, and for preparing the delicious dinner, Pat Taylor, Ann Thompson, Kay Oughterson, Kathy Stinson and Doris Rowland.

Submitted article