Getting Ahead: ‘A bad report’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Writer

I get up every morning and check the weather report. I have developed this habit because I need to know the weather report when I am going to fly a trip. Sometimes the weather is accurate and other times it is not.

The official weather reports are released three hours in advance and then can be amended at any time in those three hours. We can get a general idea through a weather report but it cannot be totally accurate until it is about to happen. There have been other times that I am in the middle of a trip and the weather will change ahead of me.

Thunderstorms in the warm weather and ice in the cold weather. We have the necessary equipment in the plane to see this weather and along with help from the Air Traffic Control we can take the necessary action to deal with the weather in route. Even when I am not flying I find myself checking the weather daily.

Sometimes the report is good and sometimes it is not so good. There are many other reports that we get as we journey through life. Like the weather, some are good and some are not. When people give us a bad report, we tend to worry and dread it.

The reality of life is that 80 percent of the things that make us worry and dread never happen. Just like the weather, a bad report does not mean that it is absolute. Everything in life can be amended because it can change at the last minute. Did you ever bring a grade up before the report card was sent home to mom and dad?

Does this mean that we stick our head in the sand every time we get a bad report? Can we just disregard everything that we don’t want to hear? Is there a way to deal with the bad report? What would happen if all flights were canceled because there is rain in the forecast? Does it make sense to worry and dread every bad report when only two out of 10 will even need our attention?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Writer