Getting Ahead: ‘Hoping That It Will Happen’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Columnist

Everyone I know hopes for the best. I personally do not know anyone who hopes that they will fail; however there are those that do. Sometimes we give it our best effort and it still does not work out.

There are some of us that have high hopes for the end result but have no idea of how to get there. For example one might have a great desire for a new home or car but they have no way to accumulate the finances or even to acquire credit necessary to purchase the item.

In my life I have found that having a vision and setting a goal are absolutely necessary to accomplish the things I hope for, but like others, everything I hoped for did not happen.

When I was in high school I hoped of becoming a basketball star. I always made the team and was awarded a letter each year, but I never was the star that I dreamed of becoming. At the time it consumed me and I worked as hard as I could to accomplish it.

Later in life, as I started into business, I realized that being a high school basketball star would not have helped me beyond my high school years. I was five feet ten inches tall and it would not have been my ultimate future. Being a basketball star would not have even made a difference in my opportunity to attend college. I was awarded a scholarship, as it was, for academics and music which was just as good as an athletic scholarship.

Could it be that many of our hopes and dreams are misguided?

Do things look different after a while and we suddenly realize these things are not as important as we first though they were? Are there things happening that are just as good as or better than some of the things we are hoping for? Is there a way to hope for the things that truly make a difference in our lives?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Columnist