Getting Ahead: ‘The starting point’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Writer

If I was a mountain climber and I climbed a 10,000 foot mountain, it does not mean that I climbed 10,000 feet. It means I climbed to 10,000 feet. If I was a runner and I cross the finish line on a ¼ mile track, it does not mean that I have run a ¼ mile.

It just means I crossed the finish line on a ¼ mile track. In the case of the mountain, if I started my climb at 3,000 feet, I would have climbed 7,000 feet on a 10,000 foot mountain. On the track, if I was running a 100 yard dash, I would cross the finish line on the ¼ mile track after running 100 yards I did not run ¼ of a mile.

Our everyday lives are full of starting points and very few of them are at the bottom of the mountain or the total length of the track. We build our lives on things that previous generations have started. We add to those accomplishments and the starting point is determined by where others left off. Sometimes we take credit for things that we have done and the truth is that we are as little as 50% or less responsible for them. We forget the things that we learned from our family, friends, or teachers. We do not take into account our starting point.

Many things have been accomplished before we even existed. Many more things have been accomplished in our lifetime. If we do not recognize the truth of our accomplishments, we will be very disappointed. There will come a time when we will have to start at the bottom of the mountain or run the full length of the track. If we have not built the stamina that it will take, we will not have the ability to complete the task at hand.

Different people are gifted to do different things, so why don’t we build on the strengths of others? It there anything we do that someone else has not started? What are we doing to give those who come after us the same advantages that we have? If we have not started to pass on a better starting point to those coming after us, is it too late?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Writer