A Sunday School Lesson: A Chronological Order of Events

By Sidney Terhune

Take your Bible and turn to Luke. Listed below are the Biblical passages recording the events surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ in the order in which they occurred. There is some overlapping in time for some of the events listed.

Luke 1:5-23 Angel’s announcement to Zacharias in the Temple of the birth of John the Baptist.

Luke 1:26-38 Angel’s announcement of the birth of Jesus to Mary in Nazareth

Luke 1:39-56 Mary visits her cousin Elisabeth, mother of John the Baptist, for 3 months

Luke 1:57-80 Birth of John to Zacharias and Elisabeth

Matt. 1:18-24 Joseph is encouraged by an angel of the Lord “to take unto thee (intercourse) Mary thy wife”

Matt. 1:25a; Luke 2:1-20 Jesus is born in Bethlehem, 6 months after John is born

Matt. 1:25b; Luke 2:21 Jesus’ circumcision and naming

Luke 2:22-24 Mary’s purification and Jesus’ presentation to the Lord

Luke 2:25-35 Simeon thanks God for the promised seed

Luke 2:36-38 Anna, a prophetess in the Temple, gives her praise and thanks to God

Matt. 2:1-12 Magi from the East arrive in Jerusalem and proceed to Bethlehem

Matt. 2:13-22 Joseph, Mary, and the child flee from Herod to Egypt

Matt.2:23; Luke 2:39 After Herod’s death, Joseph and family return to Nazareth

Luke 2:40 Jesus (to ages 12 – 30) “grew and waxed strong”

Luke 2:41-50 Jesus stays behind at the Temple when his parents leave after the Feast of Unleavened Bread

Luke 2:51-52 Jesus (from age 12 to manhood) “increased in wisdom and stature.” According to rabbinic law, a man could not be called a rabbi (teacher) until he reached age 30.

You may want to tear this Lesson from the paper and save it so that you can study the Verses in more detail next Christmas Season. Amen

By Sidney Terhune