Getting Ahead: ‘Overload’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Writer

Most of us run out of time almost every day. You can practice time management and still run out of time because you have packed more in the day than there is time to complete it. It is like having a wheel barrow that will hold 100 shovels of dirt and we continue to try to put 125 shovels into it. The extra dirt will just fall over the edges and will have to be shoveled again. You have to take the wheel barrow full with 100 shovels of dirt and dump it into the place where you want it.

After you have dumped the dirt and returned, you can shovel another 100 shovels of dirt into the wheel barrow, then take it to the proper location, dump it, and the process starts all over again. If, however, you continue to try to fit 125 shovels of dirt in the wheel barrow, you will shovel an extra 100 shovels of dirt every four loads.

So, by trying to load on more than is possible, we are causing ourselves more work than is necessary and we are wearing ourselves out to accomplish the very same result. This is a simple example of, “Overload.” The very same principle is at work in too much electric current going through too little of a wire, too much hydraulic oil pressure in too thin of a hose, or an engine that is run up to more rpm’s than it is designed for.

How do we decide how much we are capable of doing? When does overload turn into stress that will hurt us? How does overload affect our relationships? Why do we tend to continue to make an effort to load on more than our wheel barrow will hold?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Writer