Getting Ahead: ‘Real life’ experiences

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Columnist

Years ago I had some fundamental classes in drafting. I learned how to correctly lay out a print for various building projects and the accepted way to write numbers and letters. Later, as a contractor, I would draw some simple plans for my jobs.

I learned quickly that everything I plotted on my prints might not be practical and could even be impossible to build. After a while I became better at knowing what would and what would not work. I was then able to guide my crew in a direction to make the job as profitable as it could be. There seemed to always be things that came up unexpected, but because of our experience we could work them out.

I also was able to work with some men that had given a lifetime to their trade. Many of them had never read a print but could build about anything and build it right. They had learned lessons that had been passed down from the generations before them. These people before them had learned by real life experience.

I was taught values by my parents, grandparents, and teachers. For the most part they had learned these values from real life experiences.

As a young man, even though I was a hard worker, I had the wrong values. I had heard the “testimony” from experienced people, but I did not take it to heart. I was looking at life from the perspective of a set of blue prints that I had drawn without having the life experience to draw them correctly.

Since experience can be a hard teacher, is it possible that the “testimony” of someone who has been there is as good or even better than having the experience? Is there a source available to us that would give us the answers to all of these “real life experiences?”

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Columnist