Getting Ahead: ‘Trapped in our vices’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Writer

In these times many people are allowing themselves to be trapped in their vices and addictions. We think of drugs and alcohol when we think of vices and addictions, but they are far from the only thing that can trap us in an out of control lifestyle.

Chemicals will make us addicted to them but so will many other things. A vice is something that we are trapped in and do over and over again. In time we do these things involuntarily whether it is something as simple as cracking your knuckles or taking pain relief medicine because you want to stop a headache before it starts. I know there are people that have abnormalities in their health and have to be on medicine that is prescribed by a physician; but there are many people caught up in doing things repeatedly without any process of reasoning.

At one time in my life I was addicted to alcohol so I know both sides of this issue. When I started drinking it was to have a good time. Anything that becomes a vice is void of reason in the process. These things start because they can make you feel good, they can be enjoyable and fun, or set you free from the pressures of life. The problem is that once you are trapped in your vices it is very hard to stop. We work with people almost every day that will go into rehabilitation time and again, then fall back into their addiction as soon as they are out.

How do we take control of the things in our life that are out of control? Is it possible to allow reasoning to take control of our situation? Could there be things that we allow ourselves to get involved in that are impossible to get out of? What can change our life and free us from our vices from this day on?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Writer