Getting Ahead: ‘Missing the good’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Writer

I woke up this morning with the smell of coffee filling our kitchen. After pouring a cup, I went to our kitchen window and looked out at the gray sky of dawn. There was a light mist and the budding trees, bushes, flowers and evergreens in our front yard were beautiful.

As I stood there looking at the wonders of spring, I noticed a few weeds that were starting to grow in our mulch beds. Those weeds got my full attention and the beauty I had just enjoyed totally left my mind. I became so focused on those weeds that when my wife, Glenda, came into the kitchen, I started to point them out to her. Suddenly I realized that those few weeds in the mulch bed did not affect the overall beauty of the rest of the yard. I had allowed myself to look at the bad and was missing the good. I can just pull or spray the weeds to get rid of them, but I cannot make the trees and flowers bloom.

I wonder how many times we miss the good things in life because we have allowed ourselves to focus on the bad ones. Are most of the bad things in our life something that we can correct as easily as pulling or spraying weeds? How many of the really important and good things that are in our life are a result of our own effort?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Writer