Plans underway for National Day of Prayer

Submitted by NDOP

When you hear the phrase “National Day Of Prayer (NDOP),” what comes to your mind?

If you participated in any of the events here in Fayette County last year, you might envision meeting with like-minded people to pray for our county, state and country. Hopefully those were pleasant memories.

I would like to expand your vision of what happened that day with information from the “2018 Impact Report” from the National Task Force.

Over 50,000 local gatherings were held in the United States. It is estimated that more than 510 million people in 38 countries participated in local gatherings or were impacted by live stream videos, radio or social media.

In 200 countries, NDOP events were broadcast on television. However, the best statistic of all was the report that 3,718 people visited a website to indicate that they had made a decision to follow Christ after watching or participating in a NDOP service.

While all the above things were happening on a national and worldwide level, here are some of the things that were happening at the Fayette County 2018 NDOP.

Even before the May 3 event, people had participated in a bible reading, a prayer drive and a table we hosted at the local health fair.

The noon service featured veterans, commissioners, an Ohio senator, pastors and a cross section from Fayette County that led in various prayers. Music was provided by the Sisters in Christ and also the youth choir from Fayette Bible Church. The devotional was given by Pastor Barry Pettit

A short service was held at the Jeffersonville Veterans Memorial in the afternoon. The evening service was hosted by South Side Church.

Plans are already being laid for the 2019 NDOP which will be Thursday, May 2.

Prayer for our county and country is so important. If you have an idea on how to improve our local NDOP please join us or contact a Task Force member.

Submitted by NDOP