Getting Ahead: ‘A clear line’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Writer

While driving our three different motor coaches for about 1.5 million miles, I found myself in some difficult conditions from time to time. There was hard rain that obstructed vision, snow that effected traction, people slamming on their brakes in a traffic jam, a steering tire that blew out while going down a mountain, and retreads blowing off of trucks ahead of me. All of these conditions created a challenge, but none of them more than fog.

Then when we used an airplane to travel in, we faced challenges that were somewhat different but still had to be dealt with. There were strong winds that can make taking off and landing difficult, thunderstorms that must be navigated around, and other air traffic that must be avoided. There was, however, one thing that cannot be navigated around, or avoided if it is at your destination; fog. When it is on the ground, on the highway or the runway, vision is obstructed.

When facing fog on the highway, I have found that I can find my way by watching the center line. There are airports that have strobe lights down the center line of the runway that can also be used to take off when the visibility is obstructed. At times, the fog can be so thick that you cannot see anything, but most of the time these center lines give you the ability to get safely through the fog if you follow them.

Did you know that life is very much like dealing with restricted visibility? There is a line down that divides the right from the wrong. Just like the center line on the highway, if you follow the line, you will not go in the ditch. The problem is that people are going through life and paying no attention to where the line is going. What is this line and how can we keep our eyes on it?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Writer