Getting Ahead: ‘Too many chiefs’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Writer

There seem to be many people that want to be in charge and a few who are content to stay in the background. I know you have heard the saying: “too many chiefs and not enough Indians.” The reality is that we need both types of people. There have to be those that are willing to stick their neck out for an idea and make it happen, and those who are willing to buy into that vision and help make it a reality.

The problem is that all too many times the people that have the vision are the ones who end up doing most of the work and the vision dies. It dies because most great ideas take more than one person to make it happen. Those who should be pitching in to get the work accomplished want to advocate their negative opinion while never having an idea of their own. Then there are those that want others to take their idea and make it work while they do nothing to promote it or to make it a reality.

The test of a real leader is that they are willing to be on the front line. They will not only inspire others to share their vision, but they will lead the way to making that vision work. A person who wants others to give their all to a vision for which they are not willing to take the lead, are not leaders. They are just people that are vexed with the desire to be in control. I have seen those people, who usually seem to be very sweet and understanding in public, turn into a demon behind closed doors.

How do we know that what I am saying is true? What example do we have to prove that a real leader is the one who is willing to lead the troops into battle? What is the test of a vision that we can pour our lives into? Do you think the people that think they want to be the chief really understand what that means?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Writer