Getting Ahead: ‘When to let go’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Writer

One of the greatest thrills of my childhood was a tree with a grapevine on the bank of the creek. We would grab hold of the grapevine; step back up the bank until we were at the limit of our reach, then run down toward the water. When our feet could reach the ground no longer we would sail out over the water with the momentum we had created by running down the creek bank. At just the right time we would then let go of that grapevine and fly through the air for a short time before plunging into the water below. We had to learn the exact time in our swing to let go. If you were able to find that optimal time, you would get the elevation and distance that would hurl you to the water that was deep enough to break your fall.

Every once in awhile someone panicked and would not let go of the grapevine. They would then swing back and crash into the tree that supported the vine. Others would let go too soon or too late and get all banged up in the shallow water below. Once in awhile we would cut a new grapevine that had not entangled in the tree enough, and when our full weight was swinging on it the grapevine would let go. When that happened we would end up crashing to the rocky creek bank or too shallow water with the grapevine falling all around us. Landing in shallow water or the rocky creek bank would really hurt and our expectation of a good time came crashing down around us with that grapevine. We quickly learned to tug and pull on the vine many times before trusting it to support our weight and put us safely over the deep water.

Do you ever find yourself in situations that you have not tested enough to know if they are worthy of your trust? Have you ever let fear keep you from enjoying the good things of life? Have you hung onto something until it hurt you? If we can learn when to hang on and when to let go of a grapevine, can we do it in the changes and chances of life?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Writer