A Sunday School Lesson: How many Wise Men? Part One

By Sidney Terhune - Religion Columnist

In order to discover the truths regarding this subject, we must be willing to lay aside tradition, and honestly approach the subject with rational objectivity as any honest scientist approaches an experiment. We must permit the Scriptures to interpret themselves and block out private assumptions and interpretations from this lesson.

Take your Bible NIV and read Luke 2:15, 16. [Note: Biblical, historical and astronomical evidence points to Wednesday, Sept. 11, 3 B.C., between 6:18 p.m. and 7:39 p.m. as the birth of Jesus Christ. Also, based on information in Reve 12:1-5, it was during this 81-minute period that Jesus came into existence when he took his first breath of life, about 2,000 years ago, and became a living soul just as Adam did in Gene 2:7.] There were probably different breeds of animals in this Nativity scene since a manger is in a stable; however, there is good reason why no wise men are mentioned, because—they weren’t there. By the time they first met the Joseph family, Jesus was no longer a baby in a STABLE but a child of 15 months and living in a HOUSE. (Matt 2:11). No shepherds are mentioned, because—they weren’t there. (Matt 2:7-15).

“Wise men” (Matt 2:1 KJV) was translated from the Greek magi, the root word of magistrate and magician. We know there were three types of gifts but the Bible is silent regarding the number of Magi present. This was a great moment in history and in the lives of these religious men. Matt 2:4-6 clearly demonstrates that the Magi were not inquiring about a child who would be just an ordinary king. They knew the child they sought was the Christ, God’s long-promised Messiah, the one clearly foretold in the Old Testament Scriptures. Further, when traveling long distances, Easterners normally moved in a large group or caravan for security purposes.

The “star” led the Magi to Bethlehem but it did not indicate a specific house, as that would be astronomically impossible. It would not, however, have been difficult for the Magi to find Jesus since the local inhabitants would have been aware of this special child born in the area. Remember, the shepherds had previously spread the news throughout the region. (Luke 2:15-18). Amen.

Sidney Terhune

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By Sidney Terhune

Religion Columnist