Getting Ahead: ‘Regrets’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Writer

If I have a prior commitment, and get an RSVP invitation to an event, I send my regrets that I cannot be there. This is a good thing because the people planning the event need to know how many they should plan for. When I make a mess of things, I regret that I did not do better in that particular situation and that is also a good thing.

I can regret for something I cannot do and on the other hand regret for something that I have already done. Both of these regrets show responsibility on my part. We do not feel defeated because we have to send our regrets to those who are planning an event, but the regret for failure or messing something up, can take a lifetime to get over.

Many people blame themselves through their whole life for things that are in the past that cannot be changed. Others will learn what not to do, and move on to a very productive life. Those that hang on to the things they cannot change will not have a peaceful existence and trouble seems to continue to follow them.

When I was a child I was taught: “learn from your mistakes.” I was also told: “only a fool makes the same mistake over and over again.” I will admit that I have made the same mistake more than once, but eventually I am able to see the damage done to myself, and those around me. After a time of regretting what I have done, I move on and do better.

We all should regret our bad decisions, but how long should you carry that regret? Do you know that everyone will make mistakes in their life? What does it take to get through the mess we have made? Are you carrying regrets that are affecting you and everyone around you in a negative way?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Writer