Getting Ahead: ‘Murphy’s Law’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Columnist

Many people tell me that every time things are going good something happens to spoil it. We have all heard of Murphy’s Law which states; “anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”

Is it possible that this law is at work in our life?

I have tested the theory that if you flip a coin 100 times it will come up heads as many times as it comes up tails and it proves to be so. That is the law of averages at work.

In any given location we average the same amount of sunny days each year. We also average the same amount of cloudy days. This is again the law of averages.

If our experiences in life are then dictated by the law of averages, we would have an average amount of good days and bad ones. We would then have to change Murphy’s Law as we know it.

Now we would have to say: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong a certain percentage of the time.”

Now that doesn’t sound as futile as: “Everything that can go wrong will go wrong” does it? Maybe we will say then that the law of averages, not Murphy’s Law, is the law that is dictating the outcome of our life.

The truth of the matter is that there are many things that could go wrong that do not go wrong! Every time we drive down the road there could be a car coming at us left of center that would injure or even kill us. Do we get in our cars and think that is going to happen? A limb could fall from a tree and land on our head when we decide to take a walk. Does that thought even cross our mind when we step out of doors?

There does not seem to be a strict law of averages operating in our everyday experiences.

Everything considered, it is truly unreasonable to think that Murphy’s Law has any validity in our life. Everything that can go wrong truly does not go wrong.

Could it be most things that go wrong in our life are a result of our actions or our lack of action? How often can things go right if we do not do things right? Is there a way to know how to do the right thing?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Columnist