Getting Ahead: ‘What we believe’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Columnist

Education can be a wonderful thing. It opens the door of our minds to understanding. When we go to grade school we learn reading, writing, math, geography, history and the ability to co-exist with others.

In high school we learn even more scholastically and socially. As we graduate and move on to college we basically learn the advanced skills needed for our chosen profession.

Our belief system is pretty much formed by the time we are finished with our education whether we go on to college or not. As a matter of fact, our belief system is pretty much formed by the time we get through grade school.

The tragedy is that our belief system is, for the most part, taught to us by someone else.

In many cases they are passing on what they have been taught by others. Morality, honesty, truthfulness, generosity and duty may or may not have been part of their upbringing. Those necessary virtues will not be passed on if they are not learned and practiced by those who are teaching us.

Without them we live for ourselves and anything goes if it gives us a personal advantage.

We then come to the point that we can see nothing wrong with that way of living and it becomes a lifestyle accepted by our culture.

Does strongly believing something make it truth? If we are taught the wrong thing by someone we believe in, will that make it right? Who is responsible for what we believe? Can we learn the truth even if it has not been passed down to us? Is it possible that a small voice inside can draw us to know what and what not to believe?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Columnist