Getting Ahead: ‘A minuscule part’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Columnist

We have a full production recording studio in our downtown office where we record music projects. It has a control room, isolation booth for vocals, and a large room for recording the music tracks. These rooms are built to keep outside noise from coming in so that it will not be picked up while recording.

They also have different wall, floor and ceiling surfaces to absorb the sound waves in some cases, and reflect them in others. The studio is constructed to help us get a good recording. After the room was constructed we had to purchase the necessary equipment needed to record the music. There are many types of microphones for different instruments and voices, various sound processing units, the recording console, and a computer that is necessary to capture the music in a digital format.

On one occasion while recording, something went wrong with the recording console. Everything else was working but there was some noise in the signal output. We checked all of the wires coming in and those going out of the console. There was nothing in the wiring that was ruining the sound.

Finally we had to call in an expert to find the problem. In a rather short amount of time, he found a diode that was bad which was on the output circuit of the console. That diode, a very small part that cost less than $5, had stopped us for two days. This little diode was minuscule compared to the rest of our recording studio, but no matter how small it seemed to be, it stopped our production.

Can we have what seems to be a very small part of our life not working and it has shut us down? Is there an expert you can get in touch with that can very quickly fix what we are unable to?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Columnist