God’s Angels: Part TwoA Sunday School Lesson

By Sidney Terhune - Religion Columnist

In this Sunday School Lesson, take your Bible KJV and turn to Genesis 1:1. Referring to GOD’S ANGELS: PART ONE: Have you ever considered how much time elapsed between the events of Gen. 1:1 and Gen. 1:2? It may have been TRILLIONS of years.

“In the beginning God created the heaven (heavens) and the earth. And the earth was [became] without form and void….” The word “was” should have been translated “became.”

The earth was not created without form and void; however, Gen 1:2 says it became that way. Now the question is: What caused the original creation in Gen 1:1 (which was perfect when created) to change form and become void or empty as recorded in Gen 1:2? What happened in the time span between Gen 1:1 and Gen 1:2? To answer this question, scriptures like Isa 14:12, Eze 28:15-19 and Rev 12:7-9 give some of the vital information. [BTY, the flood of 2 Peter 3:5-7 does not refer to Noah’s flood].

In the last part of Ezekiel 28:17, God promised Lucifer, “I will cast thee to the ground….” Lucifer changed from being the morning star to being cast down, and some day in the future he will no longer be anything at all.

It was Lucifer’s mutiny in heaven which answers the problem posed by Gen 1:2; “And the earth was [became] without form and void.” When Lucifer, the one second in command, wanted to take control of all (aspiring to take over the position of God Almighty), the struggle which ensued was so fierce that the whole earth groans and travails (agony) together in pain even until this very day. (Rom 8:22). While war was being waged in heaven, all that God had originally created on earth (Gen 1:1) fell into utter and complete disarray.

What was the celestial war like at which time the earth was becoming formless and void? “And there was war in heaven” is as descriptive and accurate as it can be. This war was between Michael and his angels who fought against the dragon, Lucifer, and his angels. (Rev 12:7-9). When Lucifer lost the war and was cast out of heaven, he became what the Bible says he is, namely, the serpent, called the Devil, and Satan. (Gen 3:1). When God reordered the heavens (beginning with Gen 1:3), Lucifer was ousted along with his one-third of the angels. Ironically, Lucifer, who wanted to be head of all things, became in his fallen condition the tail. (Rev 12:3, 4).

When Lucifer and his angels tried to usurp the throne of God, they were cast out, hurled from their lofty positions of control and influence to which God had originally appointed them. Although Lucifer failed in his efforts to become commander-in-chief in heaven, he succeeded in becoming commander-in-chief over his angels upon earth when he was cast to the ground. (Eze 28:17). Lucifer, the angel of light, and his angels became the absolute opposite: he became the Devil, the “angel” of darkness, and his angels became what are now known as “devil spirits.”

And the good news is, according to Rev 19:20, 21 NIV, the existence of the beast (that old serpent) and his buddy the false prophet will end sometime in the future when they shall be destroyed.

Have you noticed that in the beginning, God named three angels while there is no mention of Jesus? Why? That question will be answered in Sunday School Lesson: Part Three. Stay tuned. Amen.

Sidney Terhune

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By Sidney Terhune

Religion Columnist