Getting Ahead: Truth Changes?

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Columnist

As I look back on my high school education I can remember things that I was taught in our social studies and world history classes. We said the pledge of allegiance and opened our home room class with the Lords’ prayer. We were told that our founding fathers established our laws for this country on the principles from the Bible.

We were taught that they prayed and sought the mind of God as they wrote our Constitution that was supposed to govern us from that day forward. Our history teachers told us that our founding fathers wanted to limit our government from interfering with our churches. We were taught that paying high taxes and government rule of churches was the very reason that most of the early settlers left their countries and came to this one.

When I went to high school everyone knew that our country was founded on the principles of the Christian religion and that we sent missionaries to other countries that worshiped a pagan religion so they could learn the truth.

It seems that what I was taught to be truth has changed. Maybe we have become better informed now. If what I was taught was wrong, then we have become better as the new truth is revealed. Morality has always been the judge of the future of a society.

If the new idea of truth is right, our morals are improving and we now have less teenage pregnancies, teen suicides, broken homes, less crime and leaders that think more about the people they represent than themselves. Do you think that the things I was taught are old fashioned and have become outdated? Is it possible that truth is truth and it cannot be changed?

Is our new idea of truth still teaching us that, “the truth will set you free?” Is there a source of truth we can discover that is always right?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Columnist