Getting Ahead: ‘Truth or fiction’

By John G. Pfeifer - Religion Columnist

Every child that is born will have a tendency to tell a lie.

We live in a day when people have tried to change our terminology to make that sound better. When I was growing up it was better to tell a “little white” lie than a “big fat” one. Another term that I have heard to soften the reality of a lie is to “leave a false impression.” Now, in this day, we hear how some of our leaders have “misspoken” when they have not told the truth of some matter.

I was taught that telling a lie always leads to telling another lie to cover up the first one. I have experienced this truth as a child. I would always be found out because there would be obvious evidence that would prove that I had lied. My parents would point out that evidence and I would then make up another lie I thought would do away with the evidence.

I see now that it was futile to have tried to explain away the truth that was right in front of my parents and me. On the other hand, if I told the truth, the lie stopped there. When the truth came out, it wasn’t long before I paid the price and the matter was laid to rest.

But when I lied, then lied again to cover up the lie, the torture never ended and the punishment was worse.

Is it possible that there are things in our life rooted in deception that just keep causing us trouble? Have we kept justifying things that require us to keep up that deception? If we are deceiving ourselves and others, is it just a “little white” lie or is it a “big fat” lie that is keeping the truth out of our life? What is it that drives us to hang on to deception when the truth will set us free?

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By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Columnist